751851 -5004S Golf mk5 1.9 tdi Garrett Turbo PD105

491.53 EXC VAT

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751851 -5004S Golf mk5 1.9 tdi Garrett Turbo PD105


Turbo Is brand new Original.

Turbo for VW Golf mk5 ideal for replacing KKK model. This turbo is plug and play. No need to adjust anything on Golf mk5 1.9TDI


038253056G, 038253010D, 038253010CX, 038253016RV, 038253016RX, 038253010P, 03G253014FX, 03G253014F, 038253016KV, 751851-5003S, 038253010DX, 038253016K, 038253056E, 038253056EX, 038253056EV, 038253014GV, 038253014GX, 038253010CV, 038253010DV, 038253010N, 038253016KX, 038253019J, 038253014H, 038253014HV, 038253014G, 038253016R, 03G253014FV, 038253010C, 038253014HX


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