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The Power of Social Media Management: How a Small Business Increased their Reach and Revenue


Kasey is a small business owner who runs a bakery in her hometown. She had always relied on traditional methods of marketing, such as flyers and word-of-mouth, to promote her business. However, competition in the industry had grown and she was struggling to attract new customers and retain old ones. With a limited budget, Kasey decided to explore social media management as a means of promoting her business.

Social Media Management Strategies:

One of the first steps Kasey took was to create social media accounts for her business on Facebook and Instagram. She enlisted the help of a social media manager who provided her with a comprehensive social media strategy. If you loved this article and you would like to receive more info about Social media listening nicely visit our page. Here are some of the strategies that were adopted:

1. Content Planning and Creation: The social media manager helped Kasey create eye-catching graphics and images that showcased her bakery’s products. They planned a content calendar that included posts about the bakery, its products, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and customer reviews.

2. Regular Posting: The social media manager posted consistently on Facebook and Instagram to keep the bakery’s followers engaged. They used a mix of content types – photos, videos, and stories – to keep it interesting.

3. Hashtagging: Hashtagging was a critical component of Kasey’s social media strategy. The social media manager researched popular hashtags, trending hashtags, and location-specific hashtags that were relevant to the bakery’s business. They used these hashtags consistently across all posts to increase the bakery’s visibility.


Within a few months of implementing these strategies, Kasey noticed a significant increase in her bakery’s online presence. Here’s what she observed:

1. Increased Follower Count: The bakery’s follower count on Facebook and Instagram soared. New customers discovered the bakery through social media, and old customers were reminded to visit them.

2. Boost In Sales: Kasey noticed an uptick in sales as more customers visited her bakery. Existing customers were coming back with friends, and new customers were walking in based on what they had seen on social media.

3. Positive Feedback: Customers who visited the bakery appreciated the fact that the bakery was more active on social media. They felt included in the bakery’s journey and appreciated the personal touch. The social media manager was promptly responding to queries and comments, building a relationship of trust with the customers.


While it may seem daunting for a small business owner to invest time and funds into social media management, the results are worth it. By partnering with a social media manager, small business owners like Kasey can increase their reach, expand their customer base, and boost sales. With the right strategy in place, social media can be a powerful tool to drive business growth.

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