Why We Should Feed Wild Birds

Birds are essential to our environment.

Throughout the world, birds are essential in dispersing seeds for plants which provide food, not only for other animals but for humans as well. These plants also provide medicine, timber and recreation. Birds travel long distances and assist in germination. Birds play a vital role in keeping the balance of nature in the world.

Birds play other roles within ecosystems as well. They are a natural way to control pests in gardens, on farms, and other places.

Loss of habitat for wild birds continues unabated and natural nesting sites and food resources continue to dwindle. To assist in stopping the decline, the most significant way we can contribute as a people is to restore natural habitat in our own backyard.We need to take an active and Binoculars (birdwatchfacts.com) responsible role in managing our bird habitat. If you manage any kind of property, you are managing habitat for wildlife.

Some Reasons for this decline are loss of habitat, environmental degradation, seasonal changes, change in weather, global climate change, inadequate forage, and so on. Wild birds have a comparatively high metabolism rate that needs food on an everyday and consistent basis.

Several birds die throughout the winter, throughout droughts, cold spells, prolonged rains, and other conditions that cut back the provision of forage resulting in stress, weakness, reduced resistance to illness and parasites, and starvation. Feeding wild birds promotes population sustainment when natural food is difficult to find.

There are many reasons why people feed wild birds. Some of these reasons include observing or studying nature around them, entertainment, relaxation, or just trying to provide support to bird populations in your area.The list can go on. As mentioned above, many of our wild bird populations are declining.

Although bird communities in urban environments are regularly dominated by some exotic and common species like Rock Pigeons and House Sparrows, a shocking range of native birds have adjusted to life around humans.

The American Robin can thrive in many habitats which include grass lawns with an abundance of earthworms. The California Quail and Abert's Towhees find suburban plantings an acceptable substitute for native arid land habitats. Gulls, vultures, and crows get plenty of food at garbage dumps and along roadsides.

Hummingbirds, chickadees, sparrows, finches, woodpeckers, and other birds take advantage of wild bird feeders. Even wild birds such as hawks and owls find increasingly safe nesting sites and sufficient prey in our towns and cities.

The growing awareness that several wild bird populations are declining has generated a necessity for a brand new form of wild bird feeding.

One that goes further than human-focused motivations in taking responsibility for the health and welfare of their local wild bird populations. The most significant thing we are able to do as a people is to restore the natural environment on our own property.

We can do this by adding natural landscaping with native plants that offer shelter and foods, take away all alien, invasive plants, increasing natural and artificial nesting sites and offer a supply of fresh water. We can take an effective role in managing your environment and all of the wildlife that lives in it.

Feeding wild birds responsibly will generate a greater holistic view of their local wild bird populations in addition to other local wildlife. If you own or manage a property, you are responsible for all the living organisms that occupy it either as transients or permanent residents.

You are by definition a habitat and/or wildlife manager.

Sarah Ortiz is a new backyard birder recently finding an interest in wild birds and bird feeding due to moving to a more nature-filled environment. She currently assists with running a website where they sell many types of bird feeders.

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