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A turbo store, offering turbo rebuilding services, new turbos & any turbo customization. We also offer worldwide delivery of our products.

power Related issues?

If your car has power related issues, please contact us to get a professional car diagnosis. 

Turbochargers Replacement

Our professional turbocharger replacement services includes oil and filter replacements for longer turbo lifetime.

Turbochargers Reconditioning

When a turbo enters in our shop it is disassembled and visual checks are done. We consult with the client whether the turbo is reparable or needs replacement. Most turbochargers are repaired.  

Turbochargers Modifications

When a turbo is modified it is called a Hybrid Turbo. It requires loads of research, knowledge and the right equipment to make the perfect job. We have a very dedicated team to do the job. 

Turbochargers Fully Customized

Our team can create a turbo fully customized. You can choose between diferent A/R housings, journal or ball bearing cores, and billet or cast compressor wheels depending on your budget. 

Installation of Intercoolers

RR Turbos offer installation of intercoolers. This includes plumbing by using lighweight aluminium pipes for better heat dissipation 

Turbo ball-bearing installations

To gain a much better response and an increase in power, convert your turbo to a ball bearing turbocharger especially on a road/track car. 

custom fittings and adapters

We can create any custom fittings for your turbos, like weld on adapters, v-clamp fittings, and sensor delete. 

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