GARRETT BMW 220d Active Tourer 2.0 819977 POR

OE/OEM Reference No:

819977-0013, 819977-0014, 819977-0015, 819977-0016, 819977-0019, 819977-13, 819977-14, 819977-15, 819977-16, 819977-19, 819977-5013S, 819977-5014S, 819977-5015S, 819977-5016S, 819977-5019S, 8570080H08, 8570080F06, 8570080G07, 11658570080, 8570080, 11658570081, 8570081, BMW X2 2.0d dX F39 SAC ECE, BMW 220 d dx Active TourerF45 F45N ECE, BMW 220 d dx Gran TourerF46 F46N ECE, BMW X1 20 d dX F48 SAV ECE, MINI Cooper SD Clubman 2.0dF54 F55 F56 F57 ECE, MINI Cooper SD Countryman 2.0dF60 ECE, 1995 cm 2.0 D 120KW – 163HP 125KW – 170HP, 140KW – 190HP, B47 B47OL Euro 6 B47C20A B47 C20 A B47 C20, B47 C20 B


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